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Organic vs SERP Features


在点击率趋势报告中查找,您可以在其中将您自己的关键字的点击率与全球平均水平、所有类型的 SERP 功能进行比较。



Just like everyone else, you're probably here because you're trying to improve your organic rankings to get more traffic from Google. But there is a question that keeps popping up in your mind: How much traffic would I get if I rank on the first page?


What is CTR, and why is it so important?

对于此工具,点击率(点击率)是特定 Google 结果的点击次数与搜索总次数的比率那个关键字。我们从数以千计的网站和数以百万计的关键字中收集数据,每月为 Google 的前 20 个结果编制一条新的点击率曲线。

The data comes from the only reliable source that allows you to see how many people click on your website when searching for something in Google, which is Google Search Console.

CTR 是一个重要指标,因为它向您表明您的网站在 Google 中的排名越高,您从中获得的流量就越多。

How can I find out the CTR for organic search?

Google 显示 10 蓝色的日子(有机)结果早已不复存在。如今,SERP(搜索引擎结果页面)是有机结果、付费结果和其他结果的混合体,通常称为 SERP 功能。

Examples of SERP features are: featured snippet, direct answer, local pack, people also ask, top stories, knowledge panel, etc. For a comprehensive list of all the SERP features that appear in the Google search results, check out the SERP 指南.

我们没有为所有搜索结果提供单一的点击率曲线,而是编译了实际搜索中实际出现的每个 SERP 功能组合的加权点击率曲线。然后我们按受欢迎程度或此组合在人们的搜索中出现的次数对它们进行排序。

That is the default view that you’re seeing when first looking at the tool, called SERP Features:

SERP features view from CTR tool

您可以看到表中SERP特征的所有组合,默认勾选Organic。这为您提供了所有仅返回有机结果的 SERP 的点击率曲线,它们曾经被称为“10 个蓝色链接”。

The Popularity column shows that only about 14% of the SERPs still return only organic results.

The Diversity column in the table shows 8.8, which means that there are around nine unique domains, which also means that some of the Top 10 results may contain two different URLs from the same domain.

The last column, called CTR, shows the sum of CTRs for all Top 20 organic results. A value of 80% means that only 80 out of 100 clicks are on the organic results. Sometimes you will see here a value of 10%, which means that there are 90 clicks out of 100 which are not on organic results. People either click on different SERP features or sometimes they even find out the answer from the SERP and thus no longer need to click on any link. This percentage is very low especially when Direct Answers appear in the SERP.

有时,CTR 列显示的百分比高于 100%。这意味着人们实际上不止一次点击搜索结果。它通常发生在视频、食谱或人们也询问功能出现在结果中时。

How do I read the CTR curve from the chart?


CTR value position

如果将鼠标悬停在第一个位置上,您将看到 38.02% 的点击率值,这意味着 100 次点击中有 38 次转到谷歌搜索的第一个结果。在点击率值下方,您还可以看到该值来自的实际点击次数和展示次数。

In the chart, what's the difference between the regular CTR trend and the aggregated one?

聚合线显示了我们数据集中所有 SERP 的点击率趋势,其中包括所选特征,可能还包括其他特征。另一方面,常规趋势代表仅具有所选组合中的特征的 SERP。

Let's take for example the "Organic + Featured Snippets" combination in SERP. If we click on this line in the table, the chart will display the following CTR curves:

  • Organic + Featured Snippets - these are the SERPs that have only these 2 types of results (no other features exist).

  • Featured Snippets aggregated - these are all the SERPs in our dataset that include Featured Snippets, and possibly other features too.

  • Organic Aggregated - these are all the SERPs in our CTR analysis dataset.

Multiple SERP features combinations


If you select "Organic + Local pack" in the table, you will see the CTR curve in the chart for SERPs that include only organic and local pack results, without any other SERP features.

The "Local pack Aggregated" CTR curve that also appears in the chart is calculated for all SERPs that contain local packs, regardless of any other SERP features that appear next to them.

Multiple SERP features combinations

在这个特定的例子中,第一个有机链接之后本地包被认为是#4,因为在本地包中它上面有三个 URL。

What is the average position for each SERP feature?

当您从表中选择 SERP 功能的组合时,图表会显示一条垂直线,其中包含每个 SERP 功能的平均位置。

例如,当您选择“有机 + 视频 + 食谱”时,您会在图表上看到两条垂直线:

  • 食谱:1.8(平均位置)- 这意味着通常,食谱 SERP 功能出现在结果中的位置 2,有时出现在第一位置。

  • 视频:8.6(平均position) - 这意味着视频部分通常出现在 SERP 中的位置 8 或 9 左右。

Average position for a SERP feature
Where can I find the percentage of organic results?

在表格的右侧,有一个饼图显示表格中所选行的有机结果百分比。 70% 的值意味着前 10 个结果中只有 7 个有机结果,其他 3 个结果通常是其他 SERP 功能。

Which countries do you have data for?

我们从三个不同国家/地区的 Google Search Console 收集数据:美国、英国和澳大利亚.还有一个名为“国际”的聚合类别,其中包括我们为其收集数据的所有网站和关键字。

Do you collect CTR data for desktop and mobile?

Google 搜索结果在移动设备上的显示方式不同,因此点击率曲线不同。您可以通过从表格上方的过滤器中选择移动设备来查看移动设备的点击率曲线。


Can I see the CTR curve for my own keywords?

This tool gets data from Google Search Console for millions of keywords because we wanted to have a large data set so the CTR curve would be more accurate. However, we also have a 排名跟踪器 tool that can fetch your own keywords from Google Search Console and compare your CTR curve with the industry average. Want to give it a spin? It’s completely free for the first 30 days.

Is there a difference in the CTR curve between branded and unbranded searches?


You can see the difference between these CTR curves if you select the "Branded vs. Unbranded" tab in the tool.

How does search intent affect CTR?

People act differently when they are interested to buy something as opposed to looking for information about something or when comparing different things. That is why we split the entire set of keywords into categories that match the search intent. You can access this information by clicking on the "Search Intent" tab.

Google 最近在猜测意图方面做得更好,并且基于这种猜测,它会在结果中显示某些 SERP 功能。这就是为什么我们使用搜索结果中出现的实际 SERP 功能来找出关键字的意图,而不是关键字本身。

Do long-tail keywords have a different CTR than short-tail keywords?


We’ve broken down the CTR curve into four sections, for keywords containing 1 word, 2 words, 3 words, and 4 words, respectively, which you can access in the "Long tail" section of the tool.

Is there a difference in CTR between search results in different industries?


We looked at the Top 10 results in the SERP to identify which websites showed up and classified the SERP to belong to an Industry if most of the websites that appeared in the results belonged to that industry. You can find a comparison of the CTR between different industries in the "Categories" section of the tool.

Does the CTR for each position fluctuate in time?

时间改变了很多东西,点击率也不例外。搜索结果中的每个位置都有一个 CTR,它会随着季节性或特定时间段内发生的某些事件而变化。

You can see the CTR curve for each position in the Top 10 results compared with the previous period of time in the "Trends" section of the tool.

Can I see how the CTR changes over time?

Yes, there is a "Year over Year" section at the top where you can see how the CTR curve evolved in time.

How long have you been collecting this data for?

我们于 2015 年 9 月首次开始从 Google 收集点击率数据.你可以选择从那以后的任何一个月来查看当时的CTR曲线如何。

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